Top the best doctor games for girls to play

Top the best doctor games for girls to play
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Doctor games for girls are surgeons are very many players favorite. Play the game, you will join the cure for his patient, try to become a doctor in the game heart surgery English and see themselves capable of becoming a doctor!

Top the best doctor games for girls online, doctor games for little girls to play   

1.  Foot Surgery Doctor Salon

The patient is waiting for a full doctor! In the game, there are some problems with their feet. Can you give them a foot surgery? Some children fall and get hurt, but don’t worry, because the little foot doctor is fighting. Play this amazing doctor game through real surgery and help small patients. So please be fun and try to be a crazy little foot doctor.

There are 4 patients doctor games for girls:

  • The first patient: her feet have been broken off by the fish tank. Please take her to the hospital and give her an emergency operation.
  • Second patient: his disease is severe beriberi. Please help him get rid of the smell and then heal his beriberi.
  • The third patient: her feet were hurt by the shells on the beach and help her clean the wound.
  • The fourth patient: His disease was requested by the dog. Please clean the wound with the first and then the vaccination is.

Doctor games for girls online to enjoy the real surgery simulator fun:

  •  Use your own doctor tools
  • Check the wound
  • Kill bacteria
  • Suture the wound
  • Finally, admire your foot doctor skills

Let your little foot doctors have the opportunity to play a real surgery fun surgeon simulator game and let them enjoy the fun of becoming a clinic mad doctor. In addition, you can play Doctor Acorn 2. This cool game can help you release stress after a hard day’s work. Click button “play” to play a game.

doctor games for girls

doctor games for girls

Doctor games for girls are Doctor Acorn 2 to relax

2. Doctor Kids

With the help of barbie doctor games for girls, you can become a doctor and a baby doctor in a children’s hospital. You can help them become healthier and bring smiles back to their faces. The kids are counting on you! The children are going to the clinic, are injured or have different illnesses, and they need your help to become stronger. Once you have removed the young patients to the correct doctor’s office, you can play interactive mini-games and repair them quickly. In this game, there are various diseases and many types of doctors and treatments, with many colorful toys to go with the different properties of patients. Every doctor’s office includes a mini-game in order to make the checking even more fun. And don’t forget about the ambulance that’s always busy.

In games doctor for girls you need to:

  • Bring the patient to the dentist to clean and repair the deep teeth.
  • Diagnosis and vaccination to treat patients from strange diseases.
  • Eye exam to improve the vision of the child.
  • Use a microscope to perform experiments and kill the virus
  • Use X-rays to locate the injury and heal the fracture.
  • Drive an ambulance and perform first aid.
  • Treat ear infections and audiometry in Minigame Jewellery.
  • This game will keep your child busy for hours and at the same time help them overcome the fear of going to the doctor.

The function of doctor games for girls online: 

  • Child-friendly (no violence, zombies or scary images)
  • High-quality HD graphics
  • Intuitive use, easy to use interface
  • Endless games with different combinations
  • Different patients with different types of clothing
  • The game offers 7 unique physician offices: oral care, eye exam, vaccination, laboratory and x-ray room, an ambulance with the emergency room, the ear doctor
  • There are 7 mini-games theme
  • A variety of tapes, bandages, glasses, and syrups

Besides, you can also play Wheely 6. This is a game that many female friends love and attract a lot of players. Moreover, the game is very simple so the young players can also play easily. Play this game right away by clicking the play button below.

doctor games for girls

doctor games for girls

Doctor games for girls are Wheely 6 for kids

3. Stomach Doctor

Does your little genius like to eat different junk food and have a stomachache? So let him play our new game Stomach Doctor- doctor games for girls, your genius tries to be a stomach doctor. The child here has some pain in his stomach. They must analyze their stomachs, and if there are signs that they are eating something that is harmful to health, then do stomach surgery and remove dangerous substances. First, they must make an X-ray image of his stomach and find dangerous items, then take them to the operating room and start the surgery with different surgical tools. This fun and addictive game help your child learn to practice in a fun way.

The feature of real doctor games for girls: 

  • Thermometer
  • Pulse rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Shock treatment
  • X-ray
  • Injection
  • Spray
  • Dryer
  • Dripper
  • Cotton
  • Drug spray
  • Vacuum
  • Spoon
  • Kill threatening bacteria

So download this free surgery kids game to make your kids happy. With the good features of the gameplay the baby to play to develop intelligence and agility. Simple play helps children develop skills that parents are always safe for her baby.

4. Doctor Dash: Hospital Game

Hey Doctor, build your hospital Empire and diagnose, treat and treat your patients ‘ diseases in this doctor dash hospital doctor games for girls online. This is your hospital, to explore it and to give the best treatment to your patients in this doctor game you will have a multi-hospital game where there will be clinics different for each disease. It is like a child play, but it’s not. In this hospital game, you have to manage and improve the various clinics that are mentioned below is the essence of this doctor ram hospital game.

doctor games for girls

Doctor Dash: Hospital Game to download

Clinics and doctors of free online games for girls doctor:

  • A lung clinic that has lung disease specialist doctors.
  •  Medical specialists in the kidneys
  • Dental clinic
  • Doctor of the center for treatment of heart diseases
  • Neurosurgeons for the brain clinic

You get a realistic hospital atmosphere in this game Doctor Dash to Hospital with various clinics and procedures. In this doctor game, you will get an x-ray room too to diagnose the disease better and more perfect and can offer the patient if they require surgery or surgery or they can only be treated by medicine. In fun doctor games for girls management game patients will continue to come so here’s the good news you have a nurse to help you in this Doctor dash Hospital game and she is the one who will help them to get back to health! Manage your time with a busy nurse and work fast to diagnose, treat and treat everyone who needs your skills.

In this Doctor dash hospital game, you will get a wheelchair also to serve critical patients and a receptionist to help you best. Be prepared for emergencies if you have little time to save lives! Make important decisions, combine the best medicine and all kinds of other medical procedures with your patients. In this multi-level doctor dash hospital game, you can unlock different features in this doctor game at different levels. Design, expand and build it to make it bigger, upgrade and decorate it to make it more beautiful, staff and manage it to make it the best hospital.

5. Pets Doctor – Kid Games

With this educational doctor games for girls, children will learn how to treat animals.
This game brings you a great chance to make them healthy and happy again. Nature is the strength of a group of playful and variant of the beast. Dog, cat, rabbit, and near it is the taste of help in the capital of the scots on the field. These animals are sick, the infirm, and wept. What need of the help of the doctor and the need now! Some of their scots who has a fever, wounds, infectis ear, pain in the throat or stomach, while the rest were trapped by snakes or injured in the fall. You can use your medical knowledge and many tools to treat various diseases and injuries. Make your hairy friends recover so that they can enjoy running and playing again.

In Barbie doctor games for girls, you make a diagnosis:

  • Fever: take the pet’s temperature and cure the fever with the block of ice, drops, syrup.
  • Ear infection: eliminate viruses in the mini-game and the form of your pet’s ear with cotton.
  • Neck pain: press with your finger all the microbes in the animal’s mouth and the spray from a sore throat.
  • Snake trap: free the animal with the forceps and make a homemade Medicine.
  • Injuries: stitch the wound properly And choose a funky patch.
  • Pain in the fall: pull out all foreign objects, mites spray, and add a balm on the rash.
  • Stomach ache: catch all the candy and choose the right food for a certain animal.

Peculiar properties of doctor games for girls: 

  • Educational game for kids
  • Beauty HD graphics quality
  • Great sound and music
  • Fun game for kids
  • 7 different ways of care
  • Cutest Pets to play
  • Many types of care

List of doctor games for girls suitable for kids. Top game is interesting for girls. It helps kids improve, to relax and intelligent. Good luck!

Top the best doctor games for girls to play
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