Games for girls PS4 -Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Games for girls PS4 -Top 10 best games for girls PS4
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Games for girls ps4 that appeal to girls can be a very difficult task. Every child has a different preference for what they do and does not like. This leaderboard gives you a general idea of what games girls are available for ps4

Top 10 best games for girls PS4

10. Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight-Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight

some fun while playing this game for girls ps4 with Gems is that it contains all your favorite characters from Disney’s Frozen. Play alone through 195 free levels or against friends and family through many local players. when you combine beads, the snowball will be thrown on the opponent. match as fast as you can to win the snowball battle. Girls of all ages may be happy with this best ps4 games for girls as long as they enter the frozen character or match the gem. The following levels tend to be harder and may be more suitable for older or more senior players.

9. Snoopy’s Grand Adventure – PlayStation 4

Snoopy's Grand Adventure - PlayStation 4-Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Snoopy’s Grand Adventure – PlayStation 4

Snoopy has a mission that is to find all his friends from the Peanuts crew who are playing hide and seek. Although it is a ps4 games for girls under 10, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is often played as a classic 2D platform game that is simple and easy to play. This is a lightweight, simple-to-launch game for any great new kid learning to play video games. If your daughter loves The Peanuts Movie or you want to buy her a family-friendly platform game. This is probably the best option for you!

8. Flower

Flower-Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Flower- Games PlayStation 4

This is a very interesting PS4 for girls under 10 years old. Your task in this simple game is to make the plants bloom! Make the plants bloom again with life in the flower. The games for girls ps4 is easy and fun to play for all age gamer. Take control of the flower pedal through the wind. When you go through the dead zone, you will bring life and color to them. when my daughter was 4 years old, she often liked to fly around random places in this and see the flowers bloom. a very nice game, with a very positive atmosphere.

Experience the Flower game – one of the award-winning games currently available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Flowers let you control the wind as you explore and make the environment more beautiful, lush using motion control. In the best ps4 games for girls, you simply control the gameplay – Simple game control as you tilt the PS Vita system in the direction you want. Let play and get more experience – Suitable for both gamers and non-gamers, the game takes the player to a very personal and emotional experience.

7. Rabbids Invasion

Rabbids Invasion-Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Rabbids Invasion

This game requires Playstation 4 because in the game the movements of the character will be based on the player’s movement and give them a live video avatar. Invasion video game Rabbids based on the popular children’s television show Nickelodeon has cute rabbits. Games for girls ps4 creates the same space as the TV show, broadcast over 20 episodes. Playing multiplayer with friends is a blast for kids. Completing tasks on the fast screen is a good way for them to burn some extra energy
you have to play through 20 episodes of invasion Rabbids: enjoy tv-series in a completely new way, where you actively participate as actors and audience. Have fun with over 40 unique challenges: Play the full-motion animation, like Rabbids Dance or Pose Match to earn points. Let the Rabbids infiltrate your living room: interact with the rabbits in your living room and take fun photo shoots with them in the photo booth.

Play with family and friends in a competitive social experience: Unlocking the full Rabbids experience with up to four players on Xbox One. Earn points and get fun rewards: Unlock new episodes, empowering capsules, and iconic audiences from TV shows by accumulating scores with friends for a global score. earn points and get fun rewards: unlock new episodes, give capsules and iconic audiences from tv shows by collecting points with friends for a global score more fun with your friends, let’s play Free barbie games for girls on the computer, laptop or mobile with them

6. Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Shantae Half-Genie Hero-Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Shantae is a girl with a beautiful belly dance, long hair Genie is looking for ways to save the earth by helping people and defeating the bad guys. This is a 2D platform ps4 games for girls under 10 that contains a number of unique or unique elements. This attracts players through every level of difficulty that is constantly updated and contains interesting secrets for players to explore. The special powers that Shantae can achieve will turn her into various creatures (such as crabs and monkeys) with useful skills needed to reach certain areas.

This games for girls ps4 has beautifully shaded graphics, along with a great soundtrack. I have admitted some areas of this game are challenging. Hence, it is recommended for more experienced players (maybe 8 years old) or at least a supervisor from an experienced gamer. More to help with more difficult areas, such as the boss. This game is a single player, so it can be a low figure for some people. Besides you can play The best games for girls kids free without downloading

5. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends-Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is great up to 4-player 2D platform game. You can choose from a variety of cool male and female characters to play as. By defeating the levels and collecting fireflies, you will unlock new levels and even more characters. At the later levels it becomes very difficult, so playing with experienced players is a must for novice players. I played this game with my daughter and son very much. I and my son (11 years old) are more experienced with this type of ps4 games for women/girls, so we lead the way through the levels. Every time my daughter was beaten, she turned into a bubble and we were there to pop her, so she was happy all the time, even knowing she made a mistake, she still Can play without dying and start again.

4. Overcooked

Overcooked -Top 10 best games for girls PS4


Overcooked is an exciting cooking game. It is interesting to play on teams with friends or family, with four players. Play through the single player game to unlock new characters and levels as well as fun. Working as a team with the chef, you and other players must prepare, cook and serve food as quickly as possible. It is very crazy and addictive, know time is almost up and you are far behind. In general, it is an easy ps4 games for girls under 10 to control and play, but hard to master: D. Check this out if your daughter is into cooking games or you want to play a family game together

3. Just Dance

Just Dance -Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Just Dance

You can immerse yourself in dances through Just Dance on PS4. Most girls like dancing, moving and listening to pop music, will love these games. Only the games for girls ps4 are packed with the best and latest pop songs available. when your daughter creates a profile, she can dance solo, try to beat high scores, level up, unlock new songs, or she might want to dance with other players. at home or online. There are two ways to play this game, grab your smartphone or tablet using the free Just Dance application, or use your PlayStation 4 camera. Both driver options work very well. A must play the game for any pop or dance fans.

2. Little Big Planet 3 

Little Big Planet 3 -Top 10 best games for girls PS4

Little Big Planet 3 

The Little Big Planet 3 – ps4 video games for girls official campaign level is hard for kids and even adults. However, the community level is an explosion for boys or girls of all ages, and there are thousands of them. my daughter has been looking for community-level themes such as “Barbie”,” kindergarten”, “baby” and” monster high”, surprising a large number of levels based on the video games for girls ps4. Not only is the level pretty much infinite, but collecting skins to create different characters and stamping on the wall is also fun to do. Playing alone is great, but it’s even better than playing Co-Op local with up to 4 players or online. If you have small children in the house Little Big Planet 3 is a great choice.

10. Minecraft 

Minecraft - Top 10 best games for girls PS4


Survival Minecraft mode can be difficult for children under 8 years old. Creative mode, however, is great for girls and boys ages 5 and up. The controls have some practice to get used to, but in no time you will have the ability to build a home in this awesome games for girls ps4 building block. My daughter has been playing for about a year now. She now has a fairly well-developed world of homes, pools, roller coasters, farm animals, and climbing pits. Minecraft is great for anyone who wants to create great things in virtual blocks. I ranked this number one game because kids may be bored with other best ps4 games for girls on this list, Minecraft seems to be one of the kinds of games that they always come back to, even after you think of them done while playing

Games for girls PS4 -Top 10 best games for girls PS4
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