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Hello Kitty Games – Kitty Hotspring
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Welcome to our world of games for girls. This is a lightweight but fun games, can be for children and girls, games run smoothly on the html5 platform so convenient for everyone.

Hello kitty games

Hello kitty game make you a cute and lovely cat but also enthusiastic about his work. The cat is currently managing a hot spring shop, serving the guests as lovely cats.
Each guest has a different requirement while showering guests, whether it be orange juice, pastry, soft drinks or any other requirement.
With hello kitty games, your job is to serve the more thoughtful guests to get more points for yourself.
Customers do not wait long so you have to quickly serve before the guests leave
Practice fast and have fun with the job to get you the highest score.
Not easy for you to get the highest score with our challenges.
Let’s start playing

Features of games:

  • Built-in html5 makes you play faster, smoother
  • Nice graphics and honest image
  • Integrated pirate hunter games run directly on the android OS and ios operating system
  • Can play directly on PC or other portable devices, tabllet
  • Play for free and forever so

How to play Hello kitty games:

  • First you have to select start to start the game
  • Then use the left mouse button or touch the touch screen to change the position of the water pipe
  • Put the water hose neatly to the water flowing through
  • The water flows to the reservoir and you are the winner

Some pictures in games:

free hello kitty games

Free hello kitty games bigin


hello kitty games for free

Hello kitty games for free with store hotspring


girl hello kitty games

Girl hello kitty games  – very beautifull


hello kitty games for girls

Hello kitty games for girls – chose firts level


games play for girl

Games play for girl each guest has a different requirement


hello kitty games for girls

Hello kitty games for girls is your score


After playing the game and experiencing this, please introduce this game to your friends. Add some similar gams in Games play for girl 

Click under link to play more:

Hello Kitty Games – Kitty Hotspring
5 (100%) 1 vote

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