Hyper Universe – MOBA: Horizontal screen from Korea

Hyper Universe – MOBA: Horizontal screen from Korea
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If you do not know what the game should change the wind, try this Hyper Universe. Game MOBA style impression.

Hyper Universe – The unique MOBA style cross-screen game from Korea is being played completely on Steam.

While the entire gaming world is frenzied by the genre of survival as PUBG, the MOBA games continue to innovate to avoid being boring and trying to attract more players. Among new MOBA games today, Hyper Universe is a notable name.

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My Time at Portia deserves a high score even though it’s just Early Access.Game puts players in one place. The war with the generals is called Hyper, where all the hyperstitions gather from where she sells fruit to the lion riding the rhinoceros in every corner of the universe to compete. Each individual has their own unique qualities, each with their own reasons for participating in the battle, which will slowly be explored as you complete the Story section of the game. You should not skip this part, as it will not only help you better understand the plot, but will also reward you for future use.

Still the classic MOBA genre with 4 vs 4, also divided into three lines, still the target is the main home of the enemy, but Hyper Universe brings a style that you never thought of before. Unlike Dota2, LMHT, … and does not use a third-person perspective like Smite, you’ll be fighting on a classic, classic-looking screen, just like old-fashioned titles. Awesome, but do not rush to rate this game so soon, it has all the stuff you need to make a great game.

Lost Sphear – a beautiful memory It’s been a long time since we have a JRPG classic RPG, like Lost Sphear, a gentle music that reminds us of old memory. First, the Hyper will split into specialized roles: Tank, Bruiser, Specialist, Striker, Support and Assassin. The selection of roles will depend on the tactics and the way your team wants to win. Of course, the map is also divided into lines and forest areas in accordance with MOBA standards. The place will be connected with … the stairs, so you will rest assured about “what is the horizontal screen what kind of” offline. Depending on the terrain of the map where the number of roads and forests will be more or less, it is also something that gamers need attention.

On the control mechanism, you can use one of two methods: use the keyboard or keyboard and mouse. In these two ways, the game suggests that you use the keyboard as it is easier to use than the mouse and keyboard, and is very convenient for newbies too. You will use the four navigation keys to move, the A and S keys for normal, D for the jump and F for the next. QWER is still the skill of each character. In the first game, you will definitely be a little struggling, but will soon get used to it. At the same time, ensuring the landslide battle will make you immersed forever.

You do not feel the “odd”, then I will introduce to you the super-unique system unique to this game: buy equipment. Of course, the MOBA games do not have the following process: farm, equipment, fighting, money, and continue to buy strength. But have you ever thought about buying equipment for the equipment store when in battle like this Hyper Universe ever? Yes, you do not like the pile of game equipment available for every game, you want to change that pile of equipment does not meet the need to end? Do not worry, just take the money into the store outside, buy yourself the most suitable items and then go to the pile of equipment. Game is knowing how to do business. Each item has a range of 3000 gold, while you win a match and only 70 gold. That is not to buy the general also. People “plowed buffalo” not kidding.

But do not worry, the situation is not that bad. At the beginning of the game, you were given a general, and if you worked hard at leveling, you would be given gold and gold. It’s 60,000, whereas a general is only 15000, not bad, right? In addition, the image in the game is also refined pretty eye-catching, although sometimes flying into some fighting phase, it is slightly confused eyes. Sure, I’m not used to fighting dogs on this horizontal screen, so it’s quite a struggle.

Missing – a puzzle game with an in-depth storyline and a humorous message about the trafficking of women and their fate … However, Hyper Universe is still very Many things need to be perfect

Hyper Universe – MOBA: Horizontal screen from Korea
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