Game Ice Cream

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Game Ice Cream
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Game Ice Cream – Welcome to our world of games for girls. This is a light but fun game, can be for kids and girls, games run smoothly on the html5 platform.

Game Ice Cream – Play now !

Cream Ice turns you into a professional and quick ice cream seller. When there are customers demanding ice cream according to the preferences of each person, you must quickly prepare for that customer so customers do not have to wait.
In addition to the speed of service tables have to do exactly the material of the customer requirements. If you serve the wrong customer, it is a waste of raw materials, you know
Serving more customers, the more money you earn, from which you can upgrade your ice cream shop. Become a professional game ice cream proprietor.
Let’s start playing

Features of games:

  • Game ice cream play in html5 makes you play faster, smoother
  • Nice graphics and honest
  • Integrated pirate hunter games run on android and ios
  • Can play directly on PC or other portable devices, tabllet
  • Play for free and always the same

How to play Game Ice Cream:

  • First you use the left mouse click on some requirements
  • Then look at customer requirements
  • Pick the right kind of ice cream that guests demand
  • Make sure you choose the right place for your customers
  • Then it’s money and you’re the winner

Some pictures in  game ice cream:

Game ice cream

Game ice cream tap screen to play


game ice cream truck

Game ice cream truck to choose the taste for this customer


game ice cream maker

Game ice cream maker to he needs something


cooking game ice cream

Cooking game ice cream to how about this guy


game ice cream shop

Game ice cream shop to this customer has another taste

the game ice cream

The game ice cream you can upgrade your ice cream shop

After the games and experience, do not forget to introduce the the game to your friends. You can play games play for girl :

Game Ice Cream
5 (100%) 1 vote

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