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My water games
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My water games – Welcome to our world of games play for girl online. This is a light but fun game, can be for kids and girls, games run smoothly on the html5 platform.

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Tap my water game bring you the most professional plumber. Your goal is to lead the water from the faucet to the water tank by placing the water faucets so that the water goes farther.
The further you flow, the bigger your score. If you are smart, take the water away as far as possible before the water reaches the tank.
By turning horizontally, turning along straight water pipes or turning the water hoses so that water can flow, does not leak out.
In my water games, each level will be a challenge for you, each level has different difficulty level and will increase at the next level.
In addition to increasing difficulty, your transportation time will also decrease with each levl. This forces you to decide more quickly for each plumbing selection.
Not easy for you to get the highest score with our challenges.
Let’s start playing

Features of my water games:

  • Built-in html5 makes you play faster, smoother
  • Nice graphics and honest image
  • Integrated pirate hunter games run directly on the android OS and ios operating system
  • Can play directly on PC or other portable devices, tabllet
  • Play for free and forever so

How to play My water games:

  • First you have to select start to start the game
  • Then use the left mouse button or touch the touch screen to change the position of the water pipe
  • Put the water hose neatly to the water flowing through
  • The water flows to the reservoir and you are the winner

Some pictures in games:

my water games

My water games star games


Where are my water

Where are my water the firts level


Where are my water game

Where are my water game in PC


Where is my water 2

Where is my water 2 each level has different difficulty level


where is my water game

where is my water game your score


After the game and experience, do not forget to introduce the game to your friends. If you can play some more similar gams, play more:


My water games
5 (100%) 1 vote

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