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Mixed World
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Mixed World  help the blue monster knock down the red blocks of the jelly monster game. Every monster has special skills. Use the mouse to click on monsters to use it jelly game. Visit the mixed world and help the little green monsters survive against the evil evil jelly game. Push all the red monsters out of the platform and master 30 difficult levels. Other creatures will help you in unique skills on the way to collect all achievements and pass high scores! World Mix is a great puzzle game where you have to remove the red ball from the platform by moving the blue shape to it. You can use various items to help you achieve success at every level free jelly game. They can walk on crisp stones to push angry creatures out of the way, reach for someone with a sticky tongue.

Game features jelly game :

  • Free and attractive jelly game for you to play for free in time.
  • Many new screens and challenges with jelly creatures games for girls online.
  • Fun sound graphics addictive for you the jelly game.
  • Save your achievements and scores jelly the game.

How to play game :

  • Open your screen up and get ready for this jelly game.
  • Use the mouse to move jelly creatures and fly the opponent.
  • Time is limited, you need fast to get a high score.
  • Finally be patient and play happily in time mixed words game.

Some screenshots in games:

jelly game

 jelly the game

free jelly game

A fun and attractive jelly game for you to try with a simple but no less difficult way to try it out, and you can refer to some other games.

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Mixed World
5 (100%) 1 vote

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