Teddy Bear Zombie: Grenades

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Teddy Bear Zombie: Grenades
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Teddy Bear Zombie: Grenades  ready to become a zombie hunter in Halloween? Throw grenades and test your arcade skills in this teddy bear game of teddy bears without this sweetness. Protect yourself from zombies with a teddy bear! The bear will fight zombies and need your help. Throw grenades and stop them. The bear hates zombies and needs your help in this case. Just throw grenades where the zombies will be and see how it happens! You are the only person who can protect the world from the never-ending parade of teddy bears! It’s better to improve your shooting skills … quickly! This is the teddy bear game for you teddy bear zombie battle. An exciting and dramatic action teddy bears game that fights to protect the base and peace with grenades. A game suitable for all ages and equipment for you to spread. Test and score points. Wish you have fun and luck!

Features teddy bear game :

  • The best and most exciting teddy bear war is free for you games for girls online .
  • Graphics sound unique dramatic with the war teddy game.
  • Many difficulty levels and challenges feature upgraded bear equipment.
  • Save your achievements and scores teddy bear game .

How to play teddy bear game :

  • Open your device and get ready for the battle with the zombie teddy bear.
  • Drag the mouse to locate the bear to throw the correct weapon.
  • Destroy all the teddy bear zombies through the screen.
  • The ability to equip weapons and unlock other weapons to replace bears teddy games .

Some screenshots in games:

teddy bear game

teddy bears game

teddy game

A good and exciting teddy bear game of dramatic combat with a teddy bear with a simple level of challenge always won or not is yours!

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Teddy Bear Zombie: Grenades
5 (100%) 1 vote

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