Candy crush soda saga -classic games attract the most players

Candy crush soda saga -classic games attract the most players
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This candy crush soda saga has the effect of helping kids practice their hands and feet logical thinking, helping children explore the world. As we have introduced to you about the trend of passion for the game of youth candy crush soda saga today is like a phenomenon. Actually the game has attracted 100 million players log on every day. Become a social game and mobile devices. Accordingly, Candy Crush Saga has made a great success in terms of revenue. Rated professional as a vacuum cleaner among today’s casual gaming products.

Why candy crush soda saga is attractive everyone?

So why is play candy crush soda saga free online so successful? The answer will be analytical by analysts. It is known that Candy Crush Saga is a proprietary product of the game King. This is one of the most successful European gaming companies in the world, including Rovio, Angry Birds, Mojang, and Minecraft.

candy crush soda saga

In fact, with the Candy Crush Saga free, producer King has made a fortune

In fact, with the candy crush soda saga, producer King has made a fortune in the gaming industry. The majority of game companies fail. Candy Crush Saga makes other game companies look at exactly the criteria for producing simple game products as efficiently.

The success of Candy Crush Saga has come

Among today’s match-3 game products, it’s a bore. While Candy Crush Saga has gone beyond its own cover. According to King’s Creative Director, Sebastian Knutsson, Candy Crush Saga is a product that King’s designers research and focus on building criteria. a candy crush soda saga with simple nature. The short content is not deep, fun but suitable for the requirements of the players. No need to experience time-consuming and difficult games.

So with this criterion, King has breakthrough as the mobile market is rampant in the world. King has successfully built a good and short game. Aimed at enrolling the market of mobile users with fast and simple entertainment requirements.

candy crush saga free

The second criterion is that the candy crush saga free download is based

The second criterion is that the candy crush saga free download is based on bright and shiny graphics. Completely different from today’s match-3 games. This is the eye of the player. From the shimmering colors and fun details of the candy that millions of people have to glue on it. Besides, the game graphics are also the criteria to attract a lot of female players. Gamers can spend more time, money and passion than men.

Finally, the connection criterion. Everyone must admit the throne of social networking Facebook. Thus, Candy Crush Saga has been studied by King and applied the mechanism of linking the user or the attraction comes from expanding the social aspect of the game. Players can share their progress on Facebook. Exchanging life as well as advice on how to crack crack level. This has created a trend as well as the powerful community of Candy Crush Saga.

Great Candy Crush Saga free revenue

King has built an extremely successful product, Candy Crush Saga, with sales of $ 1 million – $ 3 million a day and $ 5 billion a year. Apparently, this developer has realized the potential from simple mobile games, and their model is also easy to make money from the pockets of the players. According to the director of production at King, they will invest billions of dollars in the production of mobile games and impressed with the model of candy crush soda saga.. You can play games candy crush saga, candy crush saga hack, candy crush saga online, candy crush saga appvn, candy crush saga apk, candy crush saga download, candy crush saga wiki, candy crush saga pc,…

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Candy crush soda saga -classic games attract the most players
5 (100%) 1 vote

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