Do you remember all type of protect plants in plants vs zombies game?

Do you remember all type of protect plants in plants vs zombies game?
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Plants vs zombies game is one of the classic games, the best games for girls that stick with the childhood of many of us. Until now, this game has not lost its heat. It is still one of the most entertaining games for everyone. Let’s have fun with this game every day

Plants vs zombies game

After learning about the unique features of Plants vs zombies game, you have basically learned how to play as well as tactics to overcome the levels in the game. The following list of plant trees may help you understand the features of each plant, as well as how to properly arrange the plants to deal with specific types of zombies. Look up when needed.

1. Sun Flower

Feature: produce Sun (in-game currency, used to grow all other plants). Requires: 50 sun

2. PeaShooterpeashooter


Features: single shot, very weak. Use when shooting zombies from afar in Plants vs zombies game. Requirements: 100 sun

3. Cherry Bomb 

Features: Explosive in a large range on the screen, used when zombies crowded and clustered. Requirements: 150 sun

4. Wall Nut


Features: Used to zombie pliers for a short time, should be planted near the zombie to the trees behind the kill shot. Requires: 50 sun

5. Potato Mine

Feature: The zombies in this Plants vs zombies game that walk on the ground when dying must die instantly, so using the wall nut will be more effective. Requirements: 25 sun


6. Snow Pea

Features: The zombie is slow to attack, the pea shoots are destroyed. Requires: 175 sun

chomper7. Chomber

Features: Grab any zombie close by, chomber weakness is not continuous, there must be time for the plant to swallow to eat the next. Requirements: 150 sun


8. Repeater

Features: Shoot 2 bean seeds simultaneously, kill zombies very fast. Let’s plant it if there are many zombie attack your homes in Plants vs zombies game. Requires: 200 sun

9. Puff Shroom

Feature: The mushroom shoots water into zombies, very weak but should be used for free.Caution: during the day mushrooms go to bed unusable. Requirements: 0 sun

10. Sun Shroom

Features: As a young 15 sun, when growing up to create 25 sun. Requirements: 25 sun

fume-shroom11. Fume Shroom

Features: Smokers remove zombies from long distances. Requirements: 75 sun

12. Grave Bustergrave-buster

Features: Break the tombs of the zombies, making them away from the urchin team up unexpectedly. Requirements: 75 sun

hypno-shroom13. Hypno Shroom

Feature of it in Plants vs zombies game: The fungus has the ability to hypnotise zombies, causing them to turn around and attack other zombies. Requirements: 75 sun

14. Scaredy Shroomscaredy-shroom

Feature: The mushroom has the ability to shoot far away, but when the zombies are near, they are scared, not recommended. Requirements: 25 sun

ice-shroom15. Ice Shroom

Features: Freeze all zombies on the screen, enabling the pea shooter to fire. Requirements: 75 sun

16. Doom Shroomdoom-shroom

Features: The explosion causes a very wide range of explosions on the screen. Use when zombies gather in a crowded area. Requirements: 125 sun

lily-pad17. Lily Pad

Features: Support for trees, mushroom flowers on the water, very useful with the screen for the lake in the garden of Plants vs zombies game. Requirements: 25 sun

18. Squashsquash

Features: Kill the zombies instantly by picking up crushes, use them in emergencies to destroy a zombie about to break through the garden. Requires: 50 sun

threepeater19. Threepeater

Features: Shoot 3 bean sprouts at the same time of Plants vs zombies game. Requirements: 325 sun

20. Tangle kelptangle-kelp

Features: Squash, seaweed pulls down any zombies in the water. Requirements: 25 sun

jalapeno21. Jalapeno

Features: Fire section on a certain lane. Use when there are many zombies at the same time, or kill zombies to drive. Requirements: 125 sun

22, Spikeweedspikeweed

Features: Zombies on the ground will have to be hurt, just put this piece of gauntlets on the path of the zombies from 2 pieces or more are okay. Requirements: 10 sun

torchwood23. Torchwood

Features: Wood pieces are capable of turning pea shoots into fireballs, increasing damage. Should be placed behind the shoots to increase efficiency. Requires: 175 sun

24. Tall Nuttall-nut

Features: Use zombie pliers very well in Plants vs zombies game, should be planted near the zombie most to create time for the shoots kill zombies. Requirements: 125 sun

25. Sea Shroom

Features: Can be planted directly under the water without dewlap, weak attack power. Requirements: 0 sun

 26. Planternplantern

Features: Glows when fog is at level 4 so you can see the full screen. Requirements: 25 sun

cactus27. Cactus 

Features: Use to shoot flying zombies by bubbles. Cactus will shoot the spikes that explode the bubbles of the zombies. Requirements: 125 sun

28. Blower

Features: fan flying out of the blind in the 4th stage. However, only a time blind bones turn. Requirements: 100 sun

split-pea29. Split Pea

Features: Shoot the peas in opposite directions. Use to deal with the pole dancing zombies. Requirements: 125 sun

30. Starfruitstarfruit

Features: Shoot the fruit in four directions 8 directions. Requirements: 125 sun

pumpkin31. Pumpkin

Features: Has zombie pliers such as wall nut, tall nut, but can pump intercropping on other plants, shielding the zombie for a long time in Plants vs zombies game. Requirements: 125 sun

32. Magnetic Shroommagnet-shroom

Features: Ability to absorb all zombie metal weapons such as helmets, hoes, iron shield, iron ladder. Turn these zombies from frightening into ordinary zombies.

Requirements: 100 sun

cabbage-pult33. Cabbage Pult

Features: It is possible to fire an arc in a trajectory, great damage. Requirements: 100 sun

34. Flower Potflower-pot 

Features: Like ducks on the water, flower pots allow you to plant trees on the roof. Requirements: 25 sun

kernel-pult35. Kernel Pult

Features: Large arcade fire damage, in addition Plants vs zombies game to the ability to make zombies stand motionless. Requirements: 100 sun

36. Coffee Beancoffee-bean

Features: Wake up mushrooms in the daytime by intercropping on the mushrooms. Mushrooms will be active during the day. Requirements: 75 sun

garlic37. Garlic

Feature: create foul odors that move zombies into adjacent lines. Requires: 50 sun

38. Umbrella Leafumbrella-leaf

Features:In Plants vs zombies game will have many type of zombie can jump, fly,.. Resist the zombie jumpers and basketball zombies, the zombies are very buffalo and dangerous. Requirements: 100 sun

marigold39. Marigold

Features: Gold coin extrusion and continuous silver coin. Requires: 50 sun

40. Melon Pultmelon-pult

Features: Shoot high-damage, high-damage watermelons, used when crowded zombies are more effective. Requirements: 300 sun

gatling-pea41. Gatling Pea

Features: Shoot 4 bean at the same time, stunning damage. But want to own up to $ 5 buy in Crazy Dave. Requires: 250 sun

42. Twin Sunflowerstwin-sunflower

Features: emits 2 suns at the same time. Requirements: 150 sun

gloom-shroom43. Gloom Shroom

Features: Can kick zombies away 1 square in all directions, only used at night. Should be planted on Fume Shroom. Requirements: 150 sun

44. Cattailcattail

Features: cat shot from the tail of large damage, only placed on the duck in the lake screen. Requirements: 225 sun

spikerock45. Spikerock

Feature: Should be placed on spikeweed to increase damage when the zombie stepped on. Requirements: 125 sun

46. ​​Golden Magnetgold-magnet

Features: Should be planted on magnet mushroom to suck gold, back money and gems. Requires: 50 sun

winter-melon47. Winter Melon

Features: Should be planted on Melon Pult, the effect is to shoot the watermelon ice is slow and reduce the speed of zombie significantly. Requires: 200 sun

48. Cob Cannoncob-cannon

Feature: It should be planted on 2 consecutive corn pultars in the same lane. Cornflakes cause a powerful explosion like the Cherry Bomb. Requirements: 500 sun

imitater49. Imitater

Features: Allows you to plant two identical plants in the same square

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Do you remember all type of protect plants in plants vs zombies game?
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