List of download games for girls to play

List of download games for girls to play
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Download games for girls are the game interesting and rewarding. Top the best games for girls kids can have fun all day.

List of download games for girls free download, pc games for girls to play

1. Klondike Adventures

Download games for girls – You discover the last frontier of North America in Klondike, the newest game from Plinga. When you join the game, you will discover new deserts and create new lives for the characters here. If you are tired of Klondike, be sure to try the new Royal story game. Enjoy traveling with Klondike’s adventures. Explore the wild lands of Alaska together with the valiant Kate and the adventure-savvy Paul. Build a strong and prosperous city on these huge cold lands.

download games for girls

Download games for girls are Klondike Adventures to play

Klondike world is games for girls free download. It is full of exciting expeditions, hidden treasures, great opportunities, and challenging quests!

Welcome to the gold rush era Complete challenging and enjoyable tasks! Help researchers Kate and Paul discover the secrets of the locals. Turn a deserted station in a thriving city! Build factories, get resources and create everything you need for expeditions and quests. Start your own farm in the wild! Raise animals and grow crops to make their own food and clothing and to trade with the locals of download games for girls.  Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and scenery! Every corner is filled with miracles and magic! Meet outstanding characters and hear their compelling stories during your travels! the wild lands of alaska are filled with many secrets and exciting adventures. play klondike now and enjoy the gold rush experience!

2. Sky Girls – Flight Attendants

Be ready for flight attendants to take you to the blue sky. In games for girls free download, you keep passengers happy and serve them with a smile! Dress up in cute form, travel around the world and to enjoy the fab stewardess way of life! You are the newest flight attendant on Fly high airlines and you are determined to be a professional! It’s your job to help all the passengers on the plane with everything they need, from check-in times all the way to boarding. What’s important? You will become a traveler and discover amazing places! You can also dress up and create your own uniform! Ready for takeoff? The adventure begins now!

  • A feature of download games for girls: 
  • Become the best flight attendant ever! Your new career is so exciting!
  •  Visit exotic places like Paris, Rio, Moscow, and Tokyo! Dress up and take selfies in every place!
  •  Design and dress up in cool flight attendant uniforms and accessories with a great scarf and shoes!
  • Your hand luggage suitcase some can use the decoration-dress up your luggage and cover it with stickers!
  • Help the tourists check in and take care of the passengers on the plane!
  • Oh no! Passengers left a huge mess on the plane. Clean it fast forward group build soon!
  •  While you’re at it, get a makeover too!
  • Some passengers were injured during the flight-take them to the doctor!
  •  Play an amazing mini tower control download games for girls.

Besides, you can play Bomb it 6 for entertainment is also very good. Click on the “play” button below to play now.

download games for girls

download games for girls

Download games for girls on mobile

3. High School Cafe Cashier Girl

ownload games for girls are High School Cafe Cashier Girl. You have been in high school as a student. How about changing the roles and start working as a high school coffee the cashier girl. It felt great to get delicious food from the high school coffee, but managing a coffee as a high school cashier girl is a real challenge. Let us learn how to serve high school students of the delicious and tasty food during lunch and put your time management skills to the real test as you are going to manage the coffee cashier counter, as well. Being a cashier girl, learn to do crazy high school students happy with their skills. Do your money management skills a strong. Improve your basic math learning skills in the amazing coffee, the cashier girl story.

PC games for girls are in connection with the taking of food orders, serving delicious food for secondary school students and the management of cash on the counter. The cashier machine will help you quickly learn the best methods to cashier. Manage the cash register, enter in the price of each item manually, make a note of all the goods, to receive money from customers, refund the balance amount, if any, to put the money in the cash drawer and give the bill to customers. There is a long time in the queue of hungry high schoolers and a long time will make them angry. Be smart in the high school cafe cashier girl and not let students leave the food counter. Your appointment as a new high school cafe cashier girl is valued in high school. Once you have learned how to deal with money in a burger shop you will be given the opportunity to make a super coffee the cashier girl in a bakery, juice corner and high school coffee.

download games for girls

High School Cafe Cashier Girl for free

Learn the skills to make the coffee embarrassment to the fans and became a super loose girl in the high school burger shop, Juice corner and a high school coffee. Get ready for real money treatment challenge, while standing in the point of sale in a high school cafe. Download games for girls, do not test the patience of hungry high school students. Serve food, play with money and to handle the shame against smartly. Sweet customer may get angry and leave the counter. Give them a super fast service to become a super shame girl coffee.

Feature games for girls free download :

  •  Take orders, serve food and handle money in high school coffee!
  •  Master your time management skills as a super girl shame!
  • They were ashamed, girl, cafe, bakery, juice corner and Hamburger shop!
  • Excellent graphics, soothing sound effects and a fantastic narrator!

4. Summer Girl: Camping life

Summer is almost over, but you want to relive or enjoy the summer a bit longer? Play summer holiday this download games for girls with six minigames! This summer girl has come on a vacation at a camping! Have fun with her at camp and when she returned home. Find bikini, make ice cream, clean your tent en help gardening at the farm. When you return home there is, of course, a lot of laundries to do! Help your mom is doing the laundry stay with all summer clothes cute of you.
Camping is always a lot of fun for the kids to play in and with nature and have fun with other children in the camp. When participating in the game, you can let the character swim in the pool, sunbathe, play in the tent,… And of course, eat more ice cream! The sale will also be made ice cream and fruit tree cream as per your taste. Besides, you can play Zoobies Connect to relax. Click to button “play” the game.

download games for girls

download games for girls

Zoobies Connect to play free

  • Summer Girl: Camping life with six summer vacation fun mini-games:
    Do the after vacation laundry: sort colors from the white clothes and use the proper detergent for your husband in the summer clothes dry!
  • Hang the laundry: Make sure that the clothes dry summer the right way by combining the right shape!
  • Matching bikini: download games for girls, all the bikinis are lying on the floor. Can you help me match the right bikini tops with bikini bottoms, right?
  • Go gardening at the farm: Help the factory girls of summer and water lovely flowers!
    Ice cream please choose the fruits you love most and put the ingredients together! When you’re done and freeze you can decorate your Ice Cream!

5. Candy Girl Resort

Welcome to the sweetest village: Candy Girl Resort – download games for girls! The most delicious adventure, fashion, yet! Enjoy several terrible fashion events while designing the width of your clothes and complete your Spa look and makeup! You candy star!

Spa & Makeup Salon With Candy Girls. Meet Piper Pattie, Licorice Lou, Holly Pop & Ellie Jelly! 1 stop, it’s the girls on the sugar Spa map! Relax, with colorful ships and sweets, masks, Spa, beauty! Their makeup beauty salon use fun makeup like mascara, eyeshadow, eyeshadow, and blush!

download games for girls

Candy Girl Resort for girls

Tasty Design And Decorate Your Home. Fashion design, in your home design, fashion! Make it chic and glamorous by choosing colors, styles, buttons, and stickers for your clothes! Head to decorate your home to have them on the map, and collect new clothes from an amazing selection of clothes, shirts, hats and more to make the perfect outfit! There are candies, in my opinion, now, show! Highlight them, all new, recording Studio to record your own voice, candy only girls! Then get ready to show off your style in 4 different pastry-themed scenes: red stripe, party, magazines and sweets, school!

A feature of download games for girls: 

  •  Click on the map to visit different houses and travel to the expensive resort!
  •  Zoom in to see the candy resort map nearby!
  •  Choose your character from four adorable candy girls!
  •  Caring about the skin color of vehicles, masks, and eye candy coatings
  •  Screen through an amazing selection of cosmetics like cream, mascara, lipstick and more!
  •  Drag to create your own beautiful candy, clothes with paint, stickers and add buttons!
  •  Click dress up games for girls the sweet dress I chose!
  •  Record your voice in sweet Studio!
  •  To take pictures, this is a card game with the manufacturer of background, frames, and stickers
  •  Model your design in different candy theme scenes in card maker Studio and show your family and friends!

What’s inside of games for girls free download:

  •  4 adorable candy
  • You have 25 dresses, 11 dresses, 7 different makeup
  •  Cool, voice recording function
  •  Adorable map to show all the exciting activities!

List of download games for girls free download a fun game and interesting. Wish you have moments of relaxing fun and entertainment fun!

List of download games for girls to play
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