Games for girls teens – List of the game hot in 2018

Games for girls teens – List of the game hot in 2018
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Games for girls teens is one of the games attractive to many participants. Games for girls online below will be a great choice when you are boring.

Games for girls teens – List of fun games for girls teens online to play

1. Cookie Connect Extra

Cookie Connect Extra is a fun and addictive puzzle game with three mechanics. Cookie Connect Extra was developed by company CoolGames. This game revolves around a delicious cake theme and how to handle it. Each level of the game has games and you must complete all levels to win the game. You must match at least three of the same cookies together, but you can match more if possible. In addition, you can also match the shapes diagonally, which opens a new element of gameplay.

games for girls teens

Games for girls teens to play online

If you match certain parts together, you can create special cookies. For example, if you match 7 cookies in row fun games for girls teens, you will create a delete row which when matched together will remove the whole cookie row. Try and create combinations as long as possible to get more points. For each level, you can get stars, from one to three levels to analyze and try to earn the maximum number of stars in each. Can you complete all levels and the connect extra Cookie wizard?

Click to play the game games for girls teens

The feature of games for girls teens: 

  • Various tools that can help
  • Funny cookie animations
  • Platforms
  • A desktop browser
  • Mobile browser
  • Controls: Drag the left mouse button to form a line.

How to play games for girls tweens:

  • On the computer, you have to use the mouse to play better.
  • On mobile devices, tap on the screen to play.
  • More power, more fun! Join cookie to serve your customers and make them happy. Can
  • satisfy hungry bears? Just confusing steps!
  • Playing with this Paste Join the Extra help kids to be smarter to improve their logical thinking.
  • In addition, this program also helps children to explore the world more.

2. Pop It Girl – Teen School Life

Can you help your four roommates get their school style looks perfect? In fun games for girls teens, your neighbors, Tina, Karen, Judy, and Natalie, need your fashion help. As you always follow the hottest fashion trends for teenage girls, your friends know that you are the one they need to call for help on the first day of high school. Join the game you will make up at the spa for the beautiful character.

games for girls teens

Games for girls teens – Pop It Girl – Teen School Life a fun game 

How to play the game:

  •  Are you a fashion maven!
  •  Help them get gorgeous at the Spa
  •  You will help them with some facial treatments
  •  Then it’s time for some fashion makeup trends to be applied
  •  Dress them in hot clothes
  •  You will enter the school on the first day, full of confidence and ready to take on the new school year!

Are you a girl who is always called when there is a fashion emergency? Then you’ll have fun helping your four roommates prepare for the school year. Download today to see what trendy styles you can find for your friends!

3. Summer Fashion

It’s summer now and the sun is coming. Create your own summer fashion girl with this dress up game! It is sure to be games for girls teens your kids will love. You can choose the model and dress for her. Choose one background that you can take a picture for her. The girls need to dress up beautifully and fashionably with costumes and summer styles. Can you help her and choose the most suitable outfit for her? She’s waiting for! Have fun!

Feature fun games for girls teens: 

  •  A huge variety of fashion items including tops, skirts, bikinis, shoes, bags, and jewelry.
  •  5 models of different colors to choose from
  •  Dress her up in the dress of your dreams
  •  Enjoy the sun, beach, shops
  •  Lots of summer scenery with different background music
  •  Drag the model anywhere
  •  Share your dress up girls easily via Facebook or email with one click

In addition, you can play Halloween Lily game.  This is a curious play very attractive is very much your favorite help for you great entertainment after the day-long learning fatigue. Click on the “play” button to play now.

games for girls teens

games for girls teens

Halloween Lily interesting game

4. BFF Secret Island Holiday SPA

The beach is calling! You are going to visit a private celebrity island for your vacation. Before leaving for an exclusive trip, you need to visit the Spa. Games for girls teens, a complete holiday of visiting a private island with kilometers of white sandy beaches are waiting for you. Join the game you will be sunbathing with friends. Why do not you join the party right now?  Visit the salon for some spa treatments and a new summer makeover. you will to makeup and some new beach outfits.

How to play fun games for girls teens: 

  • You have been connected with an invitation to the summer vacation of the decade
  •  White sandy beach calls your name
  •  But wait… you need a new beach to makeover
  •  The salon to be ready to help you
  •  Start with refreshing facial Spa game treatments to prepare your skin for the trip
  •  Top with light summer makeup
  •  Add a stylish beach outfit or two
  •  You are fully prepared for a hot summer holiday that you will remember forever

You and your friends will join the adventure around the coast.

5. Magic Princess – Star Girls

Games for girls teens – You have crowned the Princess on a magical planet after a magical desire. Are you ready for a Royal adventure? People consider you their new favorite, so you have to look the part. You are the new star in the Royal sky, so it’s time to get ready to impress your new people. You want to look your best to settle down for a nice day of relaxing at the Spa. You will have the option for some Spa treatments to get your skin looking luminous. Then it’s time for makeup makeover to get you ready for your main role as a Princess. The princess is not the only Princess without a beautiful outfit, so play dress up until you find the perfect one to match your makeup. Ordered!

games for girls teens

Star Girls is a fun game

How to play the game:

  • Crowned as a magical new Princess.
  • Adventure in preparation to be presented
  •  Start with a magical Spa treatment or two
  •  Enjoy makeup that makes you look like royalty
  •  Dress up in some Royal costumes and outfits to find which one looks best
  •  Look like a magic star

The adventure is just beginning for you. Make sure you do this by getting some pampering to relax. This expensive magical the earth is now your home and you want to be the best Princess you can be.

6. Teenage Girl Problems

Lucy is a teenage girl who faces a lot of teenage problems. At school, she has bullies who are evil girls. They call Lucy evil names and laugh at her. In this games for girls teens, you have to help Lucy defeat the bullies. Lucy needs your help to become healthy, have a makeover, and show those bullies that she shouldn’t be messed up.

The first step for you is to help her prepare healthy snacks to eat instead of all sugar products. Cooking with Lucy is a lot of fun. This a complete cooking fun games for girls teens on its own. Next is the makeup. Every girl wants to feel beautiful and you can help.

Games for girls teens – The mean girls aren’t funny at all. Don’t be a mean girl or a bully. This game shows you. That teenage girls having problems, but all problems can be solved.

Games for girls teens – List of the game hot in 2018
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