How to win free super mario run game and rescue the princess

How to win free super mario run game and rescue the princess
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One of the most popular games is Super Mario, it it mounted with the last of all of all people and give to everyone have a plenty of hours in deep relaxation. It is easy to play, but hardly does someone win and get married with the Princess Castle. Here is some tip for you to play free super mario run game better and achieve the beautiful princess.

Tips to play free super mario run game

Take control of the legendary Mario in this free super mario run game. Princess Castle is on fire and you have to escape! Run through each level and collect coins as you progress. You have to jump over obstacles, water, and avoid fire. You can also destroy some blocks to find more money. It can also find various strengths such as a jetpack or super-sized mushrooms.

free super mario run game

When you complete each level and collect coins, you can buy new and exciting costumes for Mario to wear. There are a variety of levels to complete, each of which has various obstacles and landscapes inspired by Mario. Will you escape the flames and guide Mario through each level of success? The graphics of this free super mario run game are amazing, and the gameplay is exciting and challenging – for any die hard Super Mario fan this is an absolute must!

1. Master the tap

To truly master the free super mario run game you need to hone your jumping skills. But remember: a jump isn’t just a jump. A quick tap on the screen causes a short jump, for example. If you hold your finger down on the screen, though, your jump will be much higher.

2. Mega jump

free super mario run game

If you can’t quite jump high enough to reach that coin, hit jump again while you’re midair. It will boost Mario just a little higher, giving you just the edge you need. For the most height, wait until Mario is just about to descend and then hit jump again.

3. Boost even more

Another way to blast high into the sky is to hit jump just as you land on an enemy. You’ll get a big launch in the air in this free super mario run game.

4. Pause it

free super mario run game

No matter how addictive Super Mario Run is, sometimes your finger gets tired. Luckily, throughout the free super mario run game, there are red blocks you can use to pause the action. When you get to a red block, don’t jump over it!

Position Mario so that he runs over the red block. He will stop on top of it and chill until you’re ready to go again. The clock pauses too, giving you the time to look around and form a strategy.

5. Bubble up

free super mario run game

Did you miss something in a level and want to go back? Hit the bubble button at the top of the screen to be transported a few seconds backward. Tap on the bubble to pop it right where you want Mario to land in free super mario run game. Think of it as your personal redo button.

You have a limited amount of bubbles though, so use them wisely. To get more bubbles, make sure to hit the question mark bricks.

6. Unlock some friends

Getting bored of the mustachioed plumber? You can unlock other friends from the Mario world. Each one has their own abilities. For example, Peach can float and Luigi can jump extra high.

7. Hammer time!

If you’ve gotten hammer rewards throughout the free super mario run game, you can use them to destroy Thwomps (the scary looking stone cubes) in your kingdom. Open the Build menu, tap on the hammer icon and tap on the Thwomp to knock it out of existence.

8. Parkour

free super mario run game

Come to a wall and don’t know what to do? Jump! A well-timed jump will send you up the wall. If you’re between two walls, Mario will bounce between the walls, getting progressively higher. This also works if you want to go into a pit to find hidden coins. Just fall in and bounce yourself from wall to wall to get out.

9. Get down with your bad self

If you want to jump down from a wall, swipe left during a jump and Mario will descend. This also works if Mario is jumping and you decide the jump was a bad idea. Swiping left can also make you stall in midair for a split second, which can be a useful strategy move.

10. Become a star

free super mario run game

One of the keys to Toad Rally is coin collecting. To get the most out of your run, be sure to snag stars. They will make the coins you pass fly to you, giving you a huge boost in coinage.

Hope this tips will help you to master the free super mario run game. You can play more games for girls to get more experiences: game super mario run, super mario run appvn, super mario game, super mario maker, game mario, super mario bros, super mario run apk, super mario run super mario odyssey,… Have fun!!!

How to win free super mario run game and rescue the princess
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